Tomato and feta bread


Make dough: 250gms of spelt flour (type 630) or any strong bread flour, mix with the bread hook attached to the kitchen machine or by hand with pinch of salt, pinch of sugar, half a sachet of dry yeast (check the proportions on the packet) and lukewarm water until the dough starts to come together. Knead further until the dough becomes springy. At this point, put in a bowl with tall sides and some generous sprinkling of flour at the bottom to rise. Cover with a damp tea towel and set aside in an undisturbed and warm place. After about 2 hours, it should double its size.

Now, put the oven on full whack, I use a chamott stone to make any bread and pizza but if you don’t have one, then use a regular tray, which should be in the oven to get really screaming hot.

Start working your dough on a floured surface and roll to a rectangle. I first used the back of the spoon to put harissa (I am a bit chili-mad), but feel free to leave out, specially if kids eat along, then spread couple of spoons of tomato puree, dried herbs (I used oregano, thyme and rosemary), crushed garlic and a pinch of salt. Crumble feta on one side only and top with fresh basil leaves. Roll into a tight sausage, making sure everything remains tucked in. Transfer to the hot tray or slide onto the hot chamott stone.

Bake for about 15-20 minutes, checking the progress all the time, as all ovens are different.

Take out when done, drizzle generously with olive oil and serve.

Serves: 2-3 people.

Time: 15 mins kneading, 2 hours proving, 15mins preparing, 20 mins baking

= 2hours 50 mins

Category: Side/ Bread.

Best with yummy salads and warming soups.


Fruity oats


For an easy and nourishing breakfast, start by rolling your oats, if you don’t have a roller then use store-bought rolled oats. First choose a beautiful glass, (this is important as you would want to see the layers as they build up), then put either regular yogurt or soy yogurt (I used peach flavoured soy yogurt). Put the oats on top. I then put a whallopy dollop of Nutella (my weakness and I admire people who can resist it). Top with fresh cut seasonal fruits: I used mango, grapes, my own strawberries and cherries. I finished with a few sprigs of small-leaved basil that I grow profusely in my garden, but you can use any herb or none, for that matter. Heavenly when sided up with cafe au soja or your morning drink of choice.

Serves: 1

Time: 20 mins

Category: Breakfast

Best when eaten under the sun.






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