Les Pétales Cut Flowers

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Les Pétales Cut Flowers is a small business to bring home-grown, local and sustainable cut flowers to the area in Departément 66 in France. Located in my garden and covering four small flower beds, I grow flowers in sync with the seasons and weather conditions. Present day flowers are mostly imported from over-seas which leaves them dull and lacklustre once they arrive in your homes. My endeavour is to provide the beauty and freshness of locally grown flowers to ensure the flowers look their best in your homes. Because of the seasonal quality of my flowers, please enquire about varieties available. I deliver flowers for small events like intimate weddings and birthdays. Please contact me at or per email at cantadora@ansua.de I look forward to introducing you to beautiful flowers grown locally with love and care.


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2 thoughts on “Les Pétales Cut Flowers

  1. These are wonderful photos that you have sent to me many times over the past months. I will come here often to imagine and view them. Flowers are one of God’s greatest sources of joy!

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