Entry 27 Observe

I lie in bed and watch the autumn sky brighten from the east in the early hours of the morning. First a faint hint of orange, then a more steady brightness. Very soon, the low clouds blush with pink at their tips before the light changes again. The sky changes so swiftly, or perhaps, notContinue reading “Entry 27 Observe”

Entry 22 Reconciliation

These days, it seems, the world has gone to pieces and little by little, thread by thread, it is time to weave everything back together. Maybe not to have the same pattern we had before, but new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of navigating these troubled waters. Be it on a personal, societal or communalContinue reading “Entry 22 Reconciliation”

Week 19 Fire

Image courtesy: Isha, Sadhguru     The heart is on fire and like wildfire itself burns up everything it touches. Everything that there was and everything that there will be suspended between moments. Hanging on a single thread- fragile and vulnerable. There is no urgency, no rush to get anywhere, to achieve anything. Observe theContinue reading “Week 19 Fire”

Week 15 At the river

See the water, clear as glass flow over green threads of silky algae holding to the rocks at the very edge. Our dog splashes about, sniffing, enquiring, exploring. Further up, from underneath the huge boulder a tree has taken roots. Sending its long thin stems upwards, shiny leaves dancing under the sky. See the canopyContinue reading “Week 15 At the river”

Week 9 and graceful patience

My yoga mat waits while I try to find the equilibrium that has been missing the last few days. It could be the weather switching from hot to cool to rain in rapid succession, it could be the sheer exhaustion of going through these weeks of lockdown, the absence of social contact or rather theContinue reading “Week 9 and graceful patience”

Week 8 Grace in all things

Spring always brings with it an immediacy that arises from an idea of situation and place that can hardly be surpassed by any other season. This is more evident in the colder northern climes where a change is more perceptible. In the south, where winters are milder the seasons slide in and out of eachContinue reading “Week 8 Grace in all things”

Week 7 and cultivating observance

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a younger me went walking through the forests of the village where I lived before. It was a beautiful spring afternoon, the air full of birdsong and heady perfume of hawthorn bursting in the hedgerows. My dog went scampering in front, her tail high up as sheContinue reading “Week 7 and cultivating observance”

Week 5 Life in lockdown

Week 5, checking in. How are you my friends? Take up that space right between the chest and stomach when you inhale. It seems odd, these times, so out of place, and yet the more time passes the more we find this is normal. The daily routine, the waking up, the coffee, the news, theContinue reading “Week 5 Life in lockdown”

Day 23 still lockdown, still writing

Before the dawn came     Long before the light crawled under the cracks of the door, the world outside paused. For a breath, Or two.   Or maybe for many eternities. I do not know. I was asleep. I only felt the breath of darkness on my skin.   And in that moment IContinue reading “Day 23 still lockdown, still writing”