Entry 38 Gratitude

We are going through a huge shift globally. Be it in the workplace, at home, within ourselves. If we could put the tools that are always available to us through our reflections, our thoughts, our practices of prayer and yoga which ones would we choose?   Gratitude, for one. That is the highest vibration attitudeContinue reading “Entry 38 Gratitude”

Entry 22 Reconciliation

These days, it seems, the world has gone to pieces and little by little, thread by thread, it is time to weave everything back together. Maybe not to have the same pattern we had before, but new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of navigating these troubled waters. Be it on a personal, societal or communalContinue reading “Entry 22 Reconciliation”

Week 16 Kindness

To truly understand kindness and how it surrounds our lives, it is important to embark on a voyage. Sometimes even unknowingly, we find ourselves at a threshold of life where we need to choose one path from many. It is when we traverse across the thresholds that constitutes new beginnings and endings that the kindnessContinue reading “Week 16 Kindness”

Week 15 At the river

See the water, clear as glass flow over green threads of silky algae holding to the rocks at the very edge. Our dog splashes about, sniffing, enquiring, exploring. Further up, from underneath the huge boulder a tree has taken roots. Sending its long thin stems upwards, shiny leaves dancing under the sky. See the canopyContinue reading “Week 15 At the river”

Week 14 listening in

The night is still and calm, a pleasant and welcome change from the winds that has blown down from the mountains, sweeping across the plains in furious gusts. I open the window fully to the sweet nightingale song that fills the air, travelling over the rooftops from the distant bit of dense forest. I amContinue reading “Week 14 listening in”

Day 16 Lockdown in France

These days when one day bleeds into another, it becomes all the more important to find a meaning that will serve us throughout that day and perhaps into the next. How can I still find inspiration if my mind is full of anxiety? Not only is anxiety a primary emotion of the world, I believeContinue reading “Day 16 Lockdown in France”

Day 15 Lockdown in France

One of the lessons I learn from my garden which I think has the most impact on other aspects of life is the moment when I have to pull out the plants once their life cycle is over. This is especially true of annuals but also other plants that have died, or are in theContinue reading “Day 15 Lockdown in France”

Day 14 Lockdown in France

I looked up the word “meditation” on google and within less than a second 384,000,000 results were produced. The number is so huge and so insanely absurd that I could not even begin to imagine it. 384 million results, but it had close to everything: Wikipedia entries, meditation centers close to where we live, meaningContinue reading “Day 14 Lockdown in France”