Week 5 Life in lockdown

Week 5, checking in. How are you my friends? Take up that space right between the chest and stomach when you inhale. It seems odd, these times, so out of place, and yet the more time passes the more we find this is normal. The daily routine, the waking up, the coffee, the news, theContinue reading “Week 5 Life in lockdown”

Day 25 Easter time in Lockdown

If I choose to be free today, what would I do? Am I living in a bondage, a prison? Bondage can come in various forms. I need not be imprisoned physically in a cell or room. My imprisonment, or lack of freedom, which I guess to be true of most people, is a mental state.Continue reading “Day 25 Easter time in Lockdown”

Day 23 still lockdown, still writing

Before the dawn came     Long before the light crawled under the cracks of the door, the world outside paused. For a breath, Or two.   Or maybe for many eternities. I do not know. I was asleep. I only felt the breath of darkness on my skin.   And in that moment IContinue reading “Day 23 still lockdown, still writing”

Day 22 still lockdown, still writing

There was a time when I took things for granted. The dance of the sparrow, the tiny buds on a tree unfurling on a fine spring day, the rain that sang on the tin roof, the delicious fragrance of a favourite dish. Youth has that quality of unwonted carelessness, and yet carrying with it suchContinue reading “Day 22 still lockdown, still writing”

Day 21, still lockdown and still writing

            Years ago, I was at the Louvre and stood in line to see the Monalisa. The first thought I had in mind was how small it was. I stood on my toes to see above the heads of Japanese tourists as I struggled to see the painting now behind security glass. It was the firstContinue reading “Day 21, still lockdown and still writing”

Day 20 Lockdown in France

Are you who you are today, right now? Are you being yourself, maybe a little I-don’t-care mood. Or even, what-is-this-all-worth. Perhaps, I-don’t-give-a-damn. Because even if you feel reckless, helpless, overwhelmed, don’t judge yourself.  There is no right or wrong way to be on this path. It is okay to be who you are, embrace it. SpendContinue reading “Day 20 Lockdown in France”

Day 19 Lockdown in France

Do you have a central thought that you start your morning with and that you keep repeating to yourself throughout the day, especially in times when you are anxious or worried or angry or hurt? Today, I started with the thought: I want to be the best version of myself. And believe you me, thatContinue reading “Day 19 Lockdown in France”

Day 18 Lockdown in France

            Down in the valley, where I lived before moving here, at the turn of the road where the main road swerves right into the village, there is a cottage on the left-hand side. In fact, if you drove too fast, you would not even notice it. The cottage lies far back hidden behind tall pineContinue reading “Day 18 Lockdown in France”

Day 17 Lockdown in France

The forest after a rain always has a magical quality to it. Steams that rise from the ground envelop my dog as she runs forward to meet a friend. As I stop to chat with the other dog’s owner, the dogs play, jump, skip in the air, completely oblivious to everything around, happy to rollContinue reading “Day 17 Lockdown in France”

Day 16 Lockdown in France

These days when one day bleeds into another, it becomes all the more important to find a meaning that will serve us throughout that day and perhaps into the next. How can I still find inspiration if my mind is full of anxiety? Not only is anxiety a primary emotion of the world, I believeContinue reading “Day 16 Lockdown in France”