Entry 41 End of 2020 Prayer

Trust – and it will set you free. Don’t wait in anticipation for the white light to appear. Keep on moving, your feet know where you are headed. Follow your heartbeat, let its drum roll keep rhythm. And pray. Either way, you are carried and held by divine infinite love.       I haveContinue reading “Entry 41 End of 2020 Prayer”

Entry 39 Questions

I was watching interviews with Michael Beckwith recently and in one of them he said, “Things just don’t happen, things happen just.” What a profound statement to make and it really inspired me to take a step back and examine the current situation I find myself in. For me, this is a personal change andContinue reading “Entry 39 Questions”

Entry 37 Certainty

Uncertain times, anxious world, one belief. I stand as the rock in the sea, against the sky. Unmoving, solid, firm. Everything passes, nothing is forever. To resist change Is to block life’s flow. Each day that dawns, brings new possibilities. Of love. Of life. Of friendship. Speak of your feelings, share your life, embrace theContinue reading “Entry 37 Certainty”

Entry 36 Time for change

Sometimes the feet need to move while the heart cannot. Today, as I sit at the desk and have the rare autumn sun on my back, I feel the need to move on. Start shedding some weight, start afresh. It takes courage. It takes resilience. Even in the face of obstacles, I feel the needContinue reading “Entry 36 Time for change”

Entry 27 Observe

I lie in bed and watch the autumn sky brighten from the east in the early hours of the morning. First a faint hint of orange, then a more steady brightness. Very soon, the low clouds blush with pink at their tips before the light changes again. The sky changes so swiftly, or perhaps, notContinue reading “Entry 27 Observe”

Entry 24 Excess baggage

In my garden now, weeds have sprung up everywhere, which is surprising considering the dry summer heat. But in my absence, friends have said, it rained and then the sun was out and then it rained again. Perfect weather for growth, unfortunately for the weeds as well. I find myself knee-deep in weeds every morning,Continue reading “Entry 24 Excess baggage”

Day 11 Lockdown in France

I read a very beautiful and touching poem by Brother Richard Hendrik, called Lockdown, which many of you will probably know, as it has made its round on the internet. It talks about hope in times of despair and how life always has a way of manifesting itself in the gentlest ways possible. It talks aboutContinue reading “Day 11 Lockdown in France”

Day 10 Lockdown in France

Today the European Space Agency (http://www.esa.int) will broadcast a live stream with astronauts who have practiced isolation for major parts of their career. The hash-tag generation has of course given this a very appropriate name #SpaceConnectsUs. Scientists and researchers who spend months in complete isolation, orbiting the planet, will talk about their own isolations soContinue reading “Day 10 Lockdown in France”