Blog 45 Spring

“Don’t call me lover Stop thinking ’bout it, thinking ’bout it I’m not the others We could keep it simple as La di da di da We could keep it simple as Don’t call me lover Stop thinking ’bout it, thinking ’bout it” – Melody Gardot and Sting As within so without: celebrating spring byContinue reading “Blog 45 Spring”

Blog 44 At the river

Today at the river, the water gushed over polished rocks, smoothing the surfaces until they shone like jewels under the spring blue sky. And high above, three seagulls, calling in forlorn voices, flapped across – clearly far from home. A little trip, would you say? To explore what lies beyond the realms of water underContinue reading “Blog 44 At the river”

Entry 41 End of 2020 Prayer

Trust – and it will set you free. Don’t wait in anticipation for the white light to appear. Keep on moving, your feet know where you are headed. Follow your heartbeat, let its drum roll keep rhythm. And pray. Either way, you are carried and held by divine infinite love.       I haveContinue reading “Entry 41 End of 2020 Prayer”

Entry 39 Questions

I was watching interviews with Michael Beckwith recently and in one of them he said, “Things just don’t happen, things happen just.” What a profound statement to make and it really inspired me to take a step back and examine the current situation I find myself in. For me, this is a personal change andContinue reading “Entry 39 Questions”

Entry 38 Gratitude

We are going through a huge shift globally. Be it in the workplace, at home, within ourselves. If we could put the tools that are always available to us through our reflections, our thoughts, our practices of prayer and yoga which ones would we choose?   Gratitude, for one. That is the highest vibration attitudeContinue reading “Entry 38 Gratitude”

Entry 37 Certainty

Uncertain times, anxious world, one belief. I stand as the rock in the sea, against the sky. Unmoving, solid, firm. Everything passes, nothing is forever. To resist change Is to block life’s flow. Each day that dawns, brings new possibilities. Of love. Of life. Of friendship. Speak of your feelings, share your life, embrace theContinue reading “Entry 37 Certainty”